AJ Summit

Introducing the virtual AJ Summit 2021 in association with the AJ’s RetroFirst campaign

​We have all been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic over the past few months and with many events being cancelled or postponed, we are currently still unable to meet in large groups together. However, while physical gatherings are still restricted, digital ones are not! Therefore, we are delighted to announce the AJ Summit in association with the AJ's RetroFirst campaign will be going digital on 25 March 2021!

The AJ Summit 2021 will focus on how architects and their industry colleagues can respond to the climate emergency by embracing the whole-life carbon agenda and the principles of the circular economy. The CPD accredited event will present an exceptional opportunity to learn how to incorporate climate-responsible working methods into your everyday practice.

Over 1000 architecture practices have signed up to Architects Declare, acknowledging the enormous transformation required by the construction industry to tackle the looming threat of climate change. These practices have pledged to create an industry that has a more positive impact on the world around us. But what happens next? How can we realistically work towards this?

AJ Summit presents an exceptional opportunity for architects to learn how to incorporate climate-responsible working methods into everyday practice. 

The AJ Summit is FREE to attend. Register for your ticket at the checkout.

AJ Summit 2019 Highlights 


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