Covestro AJ Summit



Covestro develops sustainable solutions to the greatest challenges of our time: climate change, resource depletion, urban expansion, population growth and the resulting increase in awareness of environmental issues. In particular, buildings are responsible for a large share of global energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This is why Covestro has committed itself to developing polyurethane raw materials for ever more efficient insulation boards and sandwich panels, and is a well-esteemed partner for architects and the construction industry for decades.Together with partners in the big regions, the company is also much dedicated to developing solutions and business models for affordable housing, enabling small local entrepreneurs to build an existence of their own.

In the future, polyurethane insulating materials may become even more sustainable: In collaboration with industrial partners, Covestro has successfully carried out research activities on using the greenhouse gas CO2 as a chemical building block for a pre-product to insulating foam. By that, CO2 replaces a part of the fossil fuels which were used so far. An increased use of such alternative raw materials will make insulation even more sustainable and efficient in the future. It is also a major part of Covestro´s program to support a Circular Economy.

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