What’s it about? Collaborate to create

2 April 2020 | County Hall, London

What’s it about?

The AJ Summit is a unique industry event exploring a vital relationship between architects and their clients.

We live in a hyper-connected world with fast changing lifestyles, demographic shifts and an unprecedented pace of technological disruption. To stay relevant how must architects respond to these forces?  How does the relationship with clients and project partners need to evolve to adapt and thrive in a complex world? Ultimately, as an industry, how do we achieve design excellence and unlock long-term value?

The event will address this and more by bringing together clients, architects and high-profile individuals from outside the industry to share, innovate and learn to partner better.  

We will seek to challenge the status quo and promote collaboration and innovation with the programme led by thought leaders, change makers and disruptors who will tell stories that will inspire us and catalyse change. 

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